SoulHacks Course

A Universal Journey to Transformation Based on the 7 Sefirot of Kabbalah's Tree of Life

Ready to discover your highest self? Join us on a 49-day journey as we travel from Redemption to Actualization using ancient mystical traditions fused with modern psychology and sociology to hack and uncover the true essence of the soul.

Emails begin Friday March 30 (intro and first two days, counting begins Sunday April 1) and continue for 7 weeks. Emails will be sent daily - please add to your address book.

In the time period following the Exodus from Egypt, commemorated on Passover, the ancient Israelites trekked through the desert to reach Mount Sinai, the ultimate state of revelation. They spent 49 days in a process journeying from the limitations of slavery to their highest selves.

These 7 weeks, comprised of 7 days each, represent unique permutations of the seven energies explored in Kabbalah, each mapping onto the other to create a full 49.

Join us for a journey of exploration as we use these maps to create "SoulHacks" - a daily meditation and application from Chesed (Opening the Heart) to Malchut (Stepping Forth).

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