Overwhelmed by the holiday mayhem?

Manage stress with Heal the Body First, a free 4-week program for introverts and highly sensitive women that's part self-care challenge, part audio training.

In Heal the Body First, learn to:

Soothe your frazzled body on a physiological level.

Move your body to energize or calm yourself - whatever you need more.

Nourish your body by eating in a way that will help you stay resilient.

Use your five senses to start creating your most stress-free environment.

This is me, daydreaming about how grounded and empowered
you'll feel after doing this self-care challenge. <3

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so you can finally start enjoying the holiday season.

What you'll get:
6 actionable e-mails, 4 audio lessons, and 5 downloadable worksheets to help you take action.

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