Edmond Manning Author Updates

Um, hey dere. How'ya doin'?<----Traditional Minnesota Greeting

I decided to create a mailing list to let interested readers know about my book news, upcoming blog posts, podcasts, etc. I would hear from folks on social media saying, "Oh, I had no idea you were on X's site this week..." so I'm trying to keep folks better informed through this email system. There might be a flurry of activity during book promotion time, but I intend to send 1-2 email (or less!) per month most of the year. If you're intrigued, good. Stick around. I will try to give subscribers to the email list a little more advance notice on book release dates, maybe some insider secrets. Every now and then, perhaps a picture of my legs. How's that for a cunning seduction? Eh?

 - Edmond
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